The Most Common Misconceptions About Epoxy Coatings

October 01, 2020

The Most Common Misconceptions About Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings can help transform any cement or concrete floor. Untreated surfaces may stain or crack, leaving the floor looking ugly. It can also create an unsafe surface. However, with an epoxy application, you can feel confident your floor will last for many years and require minimal maintenance.

Unfortunately, some individuals do not use epoxy for their floor because they fall for some of the most common misconceptions about this material. Here, you can learn what these misconceptions are and the truth about them.

You Must Reapply the Epoxy Coating After a Few Years of Use

While some types of flooring coatings must be reapplied this often, when it comes to epoxy, this is not the case. When your epoxy surface is professionally applied, it can last up to a decade. Since it is so durable, it can also resist wear from vehicle traffic, foot traffic, airplanes, and heavy machinery. When you care for it and maintain it properly, epoxy can last a long time.

After Being Installed Epoxy Is Slippery

Compared to other types of smooth flooring surfaces, epoxy is considered skid resistant and much less slippery. The fact is you can even choose slip-resistant options with an epoxy surface. These slip-resistant features are practically raised bumps in the flooring that help to prevent slipping. This epoxy is an excellent option for industrial buildings, doctors' offices, and hospitals, where many slips and falls occur.

Epoxy Is too Expensive to Apply

Epoxy is an investment that is long-lasting and cost-effective. When you compare this surface to other types of flooring that require ongoing maintenance and expensive repairs, epoxy is an investment that is going to pay off thanks to its durability and easy maintenance. If you choose cheaper flooring solutions, this will result in additional fees for repairs and upkeep.

Paint and Epoxy Do the Same Thing

Yes, epoxy looks a lot like paint once it is applied to a surface. However, epoxy and paint do entirely different things. If you cover your flooring with a coat of paint, it will not protect the surface from abrasion or staining. However, with epoxy, you have a substance that will bond to the concrete, creating a completely non-volatile and resistant surface that will be able to withstand use and wear for several years.

You Can DIY an Epoxy Surface

A mix that is provided with a DIY epoxy coating kit will be lower quality compared to professional grad options. Also, for the cementitious overly to properly bond, the concrete must be appropriately prepared. If you do not hire someone who has the proper expertise and tools, the epoxy may not be installed properly.

If you want to have epoxy added to a concrete surface in your home or business, make sure you do not buy into the misconceptions mentioned above. This surface will provide an array of benefits and advantages that are not offered with other flooring surfaces.

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