Food & Beverage III: Super Resistant 3-Layer Epoxy Coating Kit

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Product Description

The Food & Beverage Super Resistant 3-Layer Coating Kit (by the sq.ft) is a three layer epoxy coating system. Simply enter your desired square footage amount and the price will automatically be calculated.

This system features a single layer of epoxy primer, single layer of epoxy coating, and military grade topcoat. This 3 layer floor system is ideal for Warehouses, Food Processing Plants,  Docking Stations, Boiler rooms, basements, storage areas, and any other flooring that is concrete based. The 3 layer coating build up provides you with a super durable floor that can withstand high impact falls, acids/chemicals, PH cleaners, fluids, any other substance that might get onto your floor. It features and easy to clean surface using a mop or wet-vac.

You will receive the Commercial & Industrial I Epoxy Primer, Commercial & Industrial I High Build Epoxy Coating and Commercial & Industrial I Military grade Topcoat.

Note: Please note that VOC laws have recently changed. If you are located in one of these states we will manually fill your order with the Low VOC version which is VOC compliant by EPA standards and adjust the price accordingly when processed. CA, CT, DE, IL, IN, MD, MA, ME, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VA, KY and all of Canada. 

Choose from over 15 colors for you floor! All colored coatings comes with pigment packs which you add when you are mixing.

Key Features

High Performance
  • Super resistant against chemicals, car fluids, and cleaning products
  • All three layers comply with current EPA standards
  • Dries up to 20-30 mils thick
Wear Resistant
  • Extremely Scratch Resistant with the Pro Residential Standard Topcoat
Hot Tire Pickup
  • Extremely reliable against hot tire pickup
Easy to Clean
  • Just use soap and water to clean time and time again
Anti Slip Surface
  • Slip resistant with our non skid additives
Life Span
  • Our floors virtually never fail. Our Standard floor warranty is included on all flooring products
  • Requires no special skills to apply

Application Uses

  • Warehouses
  • Freight Entrances
  • Broadcast Studios
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Retail Showrooms
  • Museums
  • Building Storage Areas
  • Auto Shops
  • Day Care Centers
  • Docking Stations
  • Boiler rooms
  • Building Entry/Exit Pathways

Sizes and Coverage

By the Square Foot. There is a 500 sq.ft Minimum for this product

*Please note depending on how thick or thin you apply the coating coverage will vary. If your floor is more porous it will require more epoxy. If you are applying on new, smooth concrete then you will use less epoxy.  


Elite Super Resistant 3 Layer Coating Kit

Each Kit Includes

  • Prep/etch solution for prepping the floor
  • Roller pad
  • Mixing stick
  • Non-skid additive
  • Mixing Bucket
  • Instructions
  • Spike Shoes*

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