PP100 - 1 Part Pool Paint



The PP100 - 1 Part Pool Paint is a no mix low VOC heavy duty pool paint. This product is super easy to use. Just open, pour and apply! 

This coating is effective on both new and old pools, can be applied over existing chlorinated rubber pool paints, in addition to bare plaster and concrete surfaces. If you’ve just installed a new pool, or are simply repairing your old pool, the PP100 coating will help you complete your project faster as it does not require much time to dry.  This coating is designed to last and will leave the internal surfaces of your pool stronger than ever and able to resist fading, chemicals, and abrasions over time.

Coverage is 300 square feet/gallon per coat (two coats required). Can be used on most coated surfaces except epoxy pool paints, Jacuzzis/spas, and fiberglass. Please see the PP200 - 2 Part Pool Paint for these applications surfaces.

Available in White, Dawn Blue and Black. 1 Gal size only. Can be used with our Skid Tex non skid additive on areas such as steps and areas where slippage could be of concern. Two coats required! 

One year warranty.

Key Features

One-Step application
  • Easy to mix formula. 2x coats required for best results
UV Stable
  • Color will last for up to 4 years before "chalking" begins to show
Semi Gloss Finish
  • Semi-gloss and stain resistant finish.
Resistant to Chipping and Cracking
  • Flexible coating does not chip or crack over time
Easy to Install
  • No Special Skills Required for Installation.
Slip Resistant
  • Textured coating for slip resistance

Application Uses

  • Rubber pool coatings
  • Synthetic rubber pool coatings


 1 Gal

300 sq.ft

*2 coats required


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