Flexible Joint Sealer


Product Description

The flexible joint sealer is a two component hybrid containing both urethane and epoxy to provide a resilient filler for expansion joints and large cracks on concrete floors, garages, parking decks, highways, bridges, and marine applications. This product works great for filling those tough to cover joints that you want to make seamless. It comes two parts: a black component and a white component so proper mixing can be easily observed.  

For larger joints, use foam ‘backer rod’ to support the joint filler.

Key Features

High Performance
  • Super resistant against chemicals, car fluids, and cleaning products
  • Complies with all current EPA standards
  • Dries up to 20-30 mils thick
Wear Resistant
  • Extremely Scratch Resistant with the Pro Residential Standard Topcoat
Hot Tire Pickup
  • Extremely reliable against hot tire pickup
Easy to Clean
  • Just use soap and water to clean time and time again
  • Requires no special skills to apply

Application Uses

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Environmentally Safe
  • High Performing
  • Easy Application
  • Seamless Finish
  • Long Lasting


 2 Gal Kit
1/2” by 1.0” bead yields 60-70 lineal feet.


Flexible Joint Sealer

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