Epoxy Central offers warranties on many of it’s products which vary by product group/category. Please call or email for copies of warranties PRIOR TO YOUR PURCHASE.  For warranty claim consideration for defective product a warranty claim form must be filed with all necessary information we request to be supplied. Warranties will not be allowed without following our warranty claim procedure. 

Limited 2 Year Warranty 

EPOXY CENTRAL LIMITED 2 YEAR WARRANTY Epoxy Central offers a limited, 2 year warranty on it’s Epoxy Central Floor Coating Systems when applied to properly prepared surfaces according to manufacturer’s instructions. Due to the fact that Epoxy Central cannot control mixing, application, surface conditions and other variables, this warranty is strictly limited to replacement product only and does not cover refunds. If the Epoxy Central does fail to perform then our obligation shall be to furnish additional replacement product in a sufficient quantity FOB our warehouse to correct the condition. This warranty does not apply to salt-water applications or corrosive chemicals applications unless specifically approved by Epoxy Central in advance of application. Failures due to improper subsurface conditions such as improper concrete mixes, oil soaked/stained floors, sealed floors, high moisture content and similar conditions which would cause lack of adhesion and the floor was not properly prepared are also not covered under this warranty. This warranty shall cover Epoxy Central’s coating against peeling, fading and blistering for a period of five years, proving its application is in accordance with Epoxy Central’s preparation and application procedures. Epoxy Central may, at its request, require photographs, invoice copies, surface testing at purchaser’s expense or other information about the product failure. The warranty does not include the cost of labor or shipping charges. The warranty is limited to a total replacement quantity not to exceed the original purchase amount quantity. Proof of original purchase must be supplied with any warranty claims. The express warranties set forth in this purchase are in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including, without limitation, any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Customer agrees that its exclusive remedies and the entire liability of Epoxy Central with respect to the specified floor coatings, are set forth in this agreement. Epoxy Central will not be liable to customer for any damages, including any lost profits or other incidental or consequential damages arising out or its use of the floor coating or the breach of any warranty. 

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