Success Stories

Art Gallery

Product: Commando Coat 200X - 3 Layer Epoxy Flooring Kit
Sq.ft: 1800
Location: NY
Date: 2016

This art gallery had reach out to Epoxy Central in hopes of finding an epoxy product that would work well for one of their lobby floor entrance. They were interested in installing the product themselves to save on the budget they had just revised for the year. After speaking with John, the Art Director they decided on to go with the Commercial & Industrial II Floor coating. They wanted the floor to be seamless while maintaining a high end look for customers coming through their door.

“I would highly recommend Epoxy Central products to anybody looking for an epoxy flooring product. Not only did they provide us with a high quality product but after almost two years of the coating being down its looks exactly the same as when we installed it almost two years ago.” - John G. - Art Director

Art Gallery Epoxy Floor

Army Base

Product: Commando Coat 200X - 3 Layer Epoxy Flooring Kit
Sq.ft: 45,000
Location: PA
Date: 2015

We were contacted by the Army for an install of 45,000 sq.ft for use in one of their training facilities on their base in PA. When speaking with Ken, Project Manager, they were looking for a product that was easy to install and would last for years to come. We connected Ken with one of our Authorized Installers to undertake this project. It took a team of 7 men, close to 5 weeks to prep (crack fill, joint seal, patch work), prime, epoxy, and topcoat this floor. The final result is flawless and the Army Corps of Engineers inspected the floor upon completion. They were extremely pleased with the end result and mentioned how appreciative they were of the team sticking to the schedule as they were looking to get the facility back up and running ASAP.

“Epoxy Central’s products are extremely durable, reliable, and easy to work with. I would not use any other supplier of coatings except this company” - Ken C. - Project Manager

Army Base Epoxy Coating


Residential Garage Floor
Product: Commando Coat 200X - 3 Layer Epoxy Flooring Kit
Sq.ft: 690
Location: NJ
Date: 2017

Josh and Amanda contacted Epoxy Central as they had just moved into a new home in northern NJ. They had been recommended by a friend to give us a call. After speaking with this lovely couple they were looking to revamp their garage floor as they had a tight budget to work in. they were remodeling other parts of the house and were looking for a cost efficient way to coat their garage floor. They opted for the Commando Coat 200X. After using our acid etch to prep the floor, fill some hairline cracks with our crack repair epoxy putty, and vacuuming away excess debris they were ready for the install. It took them a total of 7 hours to from start to finish over 3 days to install the floor. They wanted to add decorative flecks into the floor to give it visual appeal and hide any imperfections that the concrete had before the install. The end result is a beautifully covered and sealed garage floor. The floor is a highlight of their house and they maintain pride in keeping it extremely clean!

“I can not thank Epoxy Central enough for the countless phone calls and questions I had about our floor. These guys know their product and for the cost you will not find a better product on the market. I had done a ton of research and everything I had looked at previously was water-based and not high performing paint. Our floor looks amazing I could almost eat a meal of it! It truly is one of the highlights our new home” - Josh H. - Homeowner

Residential Epoxy Coating

Living Room Floor - Condo
Product: Commando Coat 200X - 3 Layer Epoxy Flooring Kit
Sq.ft: 950
Location: NY
Date: 2016

Bruce had reach out to Epoxy Central in hopes of finding a product that would match the interior of his newly bought condo right outside NYC. He was interested in epoxy coatings for their durability and attractive finish. He had heard they were easy to install and clean so he opted to install the floor himself with the help of a friend. This install required little prep work as there were currently no wood flooring installed and the concrete was newly poured. After three of days of work Bruce and his friend finished the floor with no issues arising! He was thrilled with the final product and loves the new floor in his condo. The white epoxy finish looks amazing and is extremely easy to maintain and clean.

“My floor looks amazing and I am really glad I went with Epoxy Central for my material. Would recommend to my family and friends.” - Bruce B.

Residential Epoxy Coating Kit