Frequently Asked Questions

Is Epoxy Central a manufacturer?

Yes. Epoxy Central is a manufacturer and distributor of specialty coatings. Our warehouse is located in Union, NJ.

What is a Commando Coat Job on a Floor™ system?

Our Commando Coat Job on a Floor™ DIY coating kits come with everything you will need to install your floor. We specially package each our our kits to provide you with all the necessary tools to install your floor successfully. Standard kits include Roller, Frame, Prep/Etch Solution, Mixing stick, Mixing Bucket, Instructions, Decorative Flecks*, and Spike Shoes*.

What types of floors can our products be used on?

We sell a wide variety of products catered to your flooring needs. Whether you are coating a concrete garage floor or re-coating an airplane hanger we have coatings that can match your specific needs. All of our products meeds current EPA standards and are eco-friendly. We offer our Epoxy Central Warranty on all of our coatings.

Are Epoxy Central products hard to install?

All of our products come with instructions on how to properly install your products. in fact installation of our products in most cases is just like rolling paint on a garage floor! Many of our customers tell us how easy it was to install their floor and how much fun and satisfaction that they got from doing the work with their own labor, and how our complete “Job on a Pallet” kits made the project fast and easy.

Can Epoxy Central products be used on Wood flooring?

No, our products are not designed to be applied on wood as wood can crack leading to floor swelling and possible failure if water is present. If you have a wood substrate but would still like to use an epoxy product we are also a distributor for Armorpoxy's SupraTile - interlocking floor tiles. To find our more information please send us an email.

Should I prep my floor with denatured alcohol?

NO, alcohol is ONLY used when re-prepping a COATED surface for another layer. When out of the 48 hour re-coat window on a multi layer flooring system the coated surface must be re-prepped by light sanding and then wiped down or microfiber mopped with denatured alcohol. Never use alcohol on concrete.

Can I get samples?

Yes, we offer both dry sample chips at no charge for our stock products, and liquid samples are available for testing at nominal expense which is refunded when you purchase. Please call or email to order.

What If I need help with my floor or don’t want to install it myself?

Epoxy Central products are all easy to self install. In cases where the projects are on the larger side, we will connect you with a certified installer who has experience with our coating products. Please note most of our certified installers are located on the east coast as we are based out of NJ. For all other inquires about supervision of product installation please email us and one of our flooring technicians will be in touch.

Does Epoxy Central have a guarantee for their products?

We guarantee our floor cover products will protect your garage, brewery, warehouse or concrete floor for at least 2 years. We strive for fully satisfied customers and will do our utmost to assure your complete satisfaction. Simple as that.

Can I apply a discount code after I have placed an order?

All discount codes must be entered along with the initial order. We can not retroactively go back an apply discount to already placed orders.

Can Epoxy Central products be used outdoors?

Depending on the exterior and if there is direct protection from the sun/rain, then yes. For products in our Exterior category please review SDS and if still you are still unsure if the product is suitable, send us an email.

Is shipping international going to cost more?

Yes, because most of our materials require special shipping internationally, the cost will be increased. To Canada there is 2.1x multiple on all orders. Other countries will vary. To find out more please contact us directly and will provide you the lowest possible shipping quote.