Ultra-durable Commercial & Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating

Want a floor that is easy to clean and tough enough to withstand demanding industrial applications? Our Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating is an exceptional high-performance floor product that is easy to customize to your needs.

We understand that your business needs solid flooring that isn’t just durable; it is also attractive and affordable. Commercial Epoxy Coating can be the ideal floor system for any commercial property with a range of properties designed for the needs of your facility.

Industrial Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Stops Concrete Dusting & Resists Stains

Transforming your garage doesn’t need to be a complex process. Our professional epoxy installers carefully prepare your garage floor, apply a primer, and install a beautiful garage epoxy coating. We can customize your garage floor with your choice of colors, patterns, designs, and finishes. Give us a call today to know more about epoxy floor coating solutions.

Business owners and facility managers can enjoy a range of benefits with an industrial and commercial grade epoxy coating. Industrial Epoxy Garage Floor Coating stops concrete dusting and gives your garage a brand-new look. It is the ultimate in heavy-duty flooring that performs well with minimal care. Our high-quality garage epoxy isolates spills like water, oil, gas, and chemicals on the surface for easy cleanup. 

Our Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating for a garage isn’t simply a paint; it offers a tough surface that is difficult to stain, dent, scratch, or damage. Commercial Grade Epoxy Coating can resist hot tire pick up, abrasion, heavy loads, and much more.

Our line of commercial and industrial epoxy resin, novolac, and urethane coatings are manufactured with your floor in mind. Our epoxy coatings are used in some of the world’s toughest environments from military applications, to the World Trade Center, there’s not a floor our coatings can’t handle. Choose from a variety of specially formulated coatings that meet your flooring application needs. 

Whether you are looking DIY system or are a contractor looking for the best flooring application for your client’s need, we distribute coatings that will get the job done while lasting the test of time. We sell single layer fortified floor coatings as well our Commando Coat Floor on a Pallet Kits ™ which include everything you will need to install your epoxy floor. Call now to consult our epoxy professionals.