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  • I bought the Pro Epoxy Coatings Level I DIY kit. I am not experienced in putting down any type of coating but the epoxy central team helped walk me through the installtion process for  2 car garage and I absolutley love the final product.

    Tiffany R.

  • We bought 2000 sq/ft of the PEC III for our upcoming brewery in Colorado. We just installed the product two weeks ago and it's looks great. It was extremely easy to put down. Would definitely recommend this product to my brewing buddies


  • My wife and I have a small bakery in the South. We were looking for a coating that we could use in our Kitchen as we were tired or the terrible flooring that was down before. We 5 Gal of epoxy paint and were able to paint our floor oursleves. The process was easy and we are glad we saved money and did not hire a contractor to come in and upcharge for something we didnt even know we could do ourselves!

    Kurt W.

  • I have bought everal different products Epoxy Central. Once for my home and once for my commerical warehouse. They sell top notch paint and I am always pleased to be able to speak to a high informative techician. Thanks Guys!


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