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We started Epoxy Central with one central idea. Provide high quality and cost efficient floor coatings that allow homeowners, businesses, and everybody in between to be able to have a floor that they desire. We have been in the floor coatings industry for over 20 years. From manufacturing, to distribution, to installing. Time and time again we found that that big box brand stores were selling cheap and low quality paint that may look nice upon application but fail over time. We wanted to provide an outlet for those who do not want to break the bank on a new floor but wanted an upgrade from these cheap and unreliable paints.

Epoxy Central Warehouse Photo
Our Warehouse in NJ

Epoxy central sells epoxies, urethanes, novolacs, mortars, and several other different types of floor and indoor/outdoor coatings. Our products are manufactured in the USA and are compliant by EPA standards. We sell paints by the gallon as well as our featured Job on a Floor ™ Coating Kits which provide you with everything you will need to install your coating starting at $1.29 per sq.ft. Whether you're a homeowner looking for a new garage floor to showcase your car or a beauty salon looking for an elegant and durable coating we have it all. Our coatings can be found across 1000s of homes, businesses, and facilities throughout the U.S. We have worked with the US Military, Army, Fortune 500 Companies, and International Airports to provide them with reliable coatings that stand the test of time. Since our inception we have sold over 1 Million sq.ft of epoxy coatings!

Our goal is to provide you with the right coating for your flooring needs. If you have a question about your floor or are not sure about what coating might be right for you just give one of our flooring technicians a call and they can help find you the best coating for your project. Our showroom is located in Union, NJ and we invite you to stop by to see our products on display.

Not satisfied with your coating? No problem, all of our coatings come with a warranty (vary depending on product) so you feel comfortable buying from Epoxy Central. We can be reached by phone, email or in person. Our office is open Monday through Friday 9-5pm.