Decorative Flecks

What are Decorative Flecks?

Decorative Flecks are used in various types of floorings to hide imperfections, give your floor a pleasant aesthetic, and act as an additional textured aggregate to prevent slips and falls. Many different levels of textured can be achieved through this unique product.

With over 40 solid colors the possibilities are endless. Match, blend or mix them up to customize your floor.

Residential Epoxy Flooring Kits

All Residential Epoxy Flooring Kits are eligible to receive 5 lbs per 500 sq.ft of ordered product of any decorative flake colors. Simply type your desired colors in the "Flecks" Tab on the product page when adding to your cart. (We suggest adding 3 -4 colors for your design mix)

Application Methods

Hand Tossed

 Colored Flecks Application with via hand throwing

Hopper-Blower Gun 

Colored Flecks Application with a Handblower


Not sure what Colors you want? Check out the preset design below and simply type the name of the design you want in the box labeled "Flecks"


EC110 Gladiola Black White Colored FlecksEC 115 Powered Blue Black WhiteEC120 Neutral Gray, Black, Charcoal, WhiteEC 125 White Dark Gray Neutral Gray Black Decorative FllecksEC 130 Tan, Brown, Caramel White Decorative FlecksEC 135 Primary Yellow, white, Black Decorative Flecks





Decorative Colored Flakes

Download the color chart here