Oil Stop Primer



The Oil Stop Primer is designed for floors where oils spills, grease, petroleum, and other alike chemicals or substances have penetrated deep into the concrete contaminating it. This unique 2 part primer allows epoxy coatings to bond the floor preventing beading on stained surfaces. This product works great with any our epoxy paint coatings but better than that this product will virtually work with any epoxy product on the market.  

Key Features

High Performance
  • Super resistant against chemicals, car fluids, and cleaning products
  • 70% Solids
  • Dries up to 7 mils thick
  • Super durable when used with our epoxy products. Allows for any even stronger bond between the floor and epoxy
Hot Tire Pickup
  • Extremely reliable against hot tire pickup
Easy to Clean
  • Just use soap and water to clean time and time again
  • Can be used with most epoxy products
Life Span
  • Our floors virtually never fail. Our Standard floor warranty is included on all flooring products

Application Uses

Areas of use:
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Food and beverage Facilities
  • Basements
  • Equipment Rooms
  • Virtually any concrete surface!


1/2 Gal
100-125 sq.ft
2 Gal
400-500 sq.ft


Oil Stop Primer

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