Five Key Parts of Our Superior Epoxy Kits

January 05, 2021

Five Key Parts of Our Superior Epoxy Kits

At Epoxy Central, we put a lot of work into becoming one of the foremost authorities on epoxy floor coatings.


We've also put work into making these packages convenient and attractive to our customers. Just take a look at our customer reviews, or browse other areas of the site, to see how we support our buyers when they need to re-invent an interior space by refinishing aging concrete floors with modern epoxy products.


Here are some of the items that we include in our epoxy coating kits to help you get the most out of what you buy.


Quality Paint Brush and Roller


When it comes to application, your project benefits from the best quality of tools. That's why we include a decently sized and constructed paintbrush, as well as a wide roller with a quality frame. These tools are going to be worth the investment when you roll up your sleeves!




This type of personal protective gear is handy in a pandemic, but it's also useful for dealing with epoxy floor coatings. We provide gloves for safety, and to keep everything from getting messy when you're implementing your floor coating project. Decreasing the mess also means expediting the project in general, so these are a good thing to have on hand.


Metal Power Mixer


Two part epoxies require a dedicated mixing process, and the quality of the mix is important, too, so we offer this portable yet capable mixing tool to help our customers to put these projects together more quickly and without undue hassle. Have you ever tried to mix epoxy with an old piece of cardboard? If you have, you’ll probably understand just why this type of tool is so useful in this sort of project.


Spiked Shoes




 As you're moving around in your space, the spiked shoes that we provide as part of our epoxy kits will help you to preserve balance. You'll see these mentioned online is a critical part of epoxy floor coating work. Our spiked shoes provide quality support for our project managers at home or anywhere else they happen to be.


Acid Etch Solution


In order to get rid of an original top coat, an acid etch formulation is a key part of an epoxy kit. This is something else that we also offer in making sure that our buyers are well assisted in implementing their chosen coatings. Ask us any questions that you have, and use a modern, authoritative web portal to get everything you need in one easy step.



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