How to Keep Epoxy Floors Clean

August 07, 2018 3 Comments

How to Keep Epoxy Floors Clean

Whether you are thinking about installing an epoxy floor, have had one installed, or inherited one in your home or place of business your floor requires maintenance to keep it sound and looking great during its lifespan. We have been in the floor coating industry for over 20 years, installed over 5 million square feet of epoxy flooring and have seen numerous cases where the floor will fail because the owner does not properly maintain it. Below we will explain a few simple methods to keeping your epoxy floor clean.

Spills and Drips

Garage Oil Spill

Do not let them sit for days, weeks or months. Once you identify a spill clean it up ASAP. Use a soft cloth, old rag or some paper cloth to wipe up the mess and then clean with any multi-purpose cleaner. Your epoxy floor will thank you later.

Tire and Track Marks

Tire Track Marks

These are a bit tougher to get out of the floor but trust us this is possible with a little elbow grease and the right products. Here are the steps we have used time and time again.

What you will need:

    • 1 Gal Warm Water
    • 2 tbsp of dish detergent
    • Rubber Gloves
    • Bucket
    • Melamine sponge


    1. Mix 2 tbsp of dish detergent into 1 gal of warm water.
    2. Pour the mixture onto the tire marks (cover entirely)
    3. Wait 3-5 minutes for the mixture to sit on the tire marks
    4. Using a little elbow grease scrub the tire markings with a melamine sponge. Note: If you choose to use a citrus solvent please scrub the floor with a firm bristled brush but be careful about which citrus solvent products you use. You can cause more harm than good.
    5. Once complete, get a mop and with clean water, begin to mop the floor to remove any residue left behind.
    6. Allow the area to dry and voila your tire marks should be gone!

Snow and Salt

Snow and salt garage

If you live in a cold weather environment it is unavoidable to bring in salt and snow from outside during the winter. While this is unavoidable there are steps you can take to decrease the amount that sits in the garage. Every month scrub your floor with warm water and a soft bristled broom to keep the salt out of your garage and where is belong... outside!

Routine Cleaning

Every 3-4 months (min 2x a year) use a shop vac to vacuum the entire floor. If you can clear out items that are sitting on the floor (boxes, bikes, shelving, equipment, etc.) we suggest trying to move this out of the way to clean under and behind these areas. Once vacuumed use warm water and a mop to mop the entire floor. Allow the floor to dry for a couple hours before putting back the moved items on the floor.

The above cleaning methods are all suggestions. Every floor is a bit different and depending on the environment, coating, and flooring underneath, cleaning methods might need to be adjusted. Some proactive steps you can take to keep the floor clean other than actually cleaning it are listed below:

  • Installing racks and shelving above ground to store items
  • Put down parking mats
  • If doing handy work in the garage make sure to put down cardboard or a mat in the work area
  • Use entrance/exit door mats

Let us know if you have any tips or tricks of your own and we would be glad to add them to the list!

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Leviticus Bennet
Leviticus Bennet

February 16, 2020

Ah, it’s good to know that through monthly sweepings (with warm water), you can keep salt off your epoxy flooring. Actually, a buddy of mine wants to lay epoxy down on his garage. I’ll be sure to show him this article so that he knows how to care for it.

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SR Buildcare Tech Chennai
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April 07, 2019

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