Epoxy Trak Textured Roller



The Epoxy Trak Textured Roller is required for use with the Commando Coat 500X - High Performance Flexible Urethane Coating. This special roller allows the coating to be evenly distributed due to the textured granules. It also helps prevent uneven applications.

Coverage is 200 sq.ft per roller. This product comes in 4 inch and 9 inch versions.

Product Information

  • Highly Durable Textured Roller

Key Features

  • Roller is specifically designed to be used with The Commando Coat 500X Coating Kit (standard paint rollers will not distribute paint evenly and disintegrate quickly as the coating is heaving)
  • Extremely durable. The Plastic core allows you to cut down the roller to custom size
  • Makes application of the The Super-Duty Epoxy Trak easy
Life Span
  • Each roller will be good for one use. Simply throw away when finished

Application Uses

  • Warehouses
  • Commercial
  • Military hangers
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Truck beds
  • Ramps
  • Loading docks
  • Bridges
  • Metal and Wooden Steps
  • Catwalks
  • Ship Decks
  • Marine applications
  • Boats
  • Storage tanks
  • Handicap ramps
  • Pools and spas
  • Sealing rusty pipes
  • Playgrounds
  • Freight elevators
  • Tool handles
  • Roofing
  • Vehicle undercoating
  • Curb ramps
  • Parking lots
  • The list is endless!


1 Textured Roller
200 square feet

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