6 Tips to Prevent Your Floor From Peeling

June 28, 2019

6 Tips to Prevent Your Floor From Peeling

After years of use and abuse, epoxy floors can become quite ugly and get damaged. There are various interesting points to follow before painting any surface to limit the risk of having a floor peel.

Peeled floors are do not just influence the aesthetic appeal of your floor but they also degrade the floors strength as those sections of the floor has lost the chemical bond from epoxy to substrate and will not perform as expected. This can be very discouraging, especially after investing time, energy and resources into coating a floor.

Make sure each drop of paint counts when applying epoxy as to ensure a smooth, safe, strong end floor result that won't break or strip. We created this simple guide below to help you out! 

Prevention Tips 

  • Prior to doing any flooring project one must inspect and audit the floor. Take a good look at the entire floor.
    • Is is level?
    • Are there cracks?
    • Is there a previous coating on the floor that needs to be removed?
    • Is there water present under the substrate?
    • What weather conditions will the floor be subject to?
    • We it receive monthly maintenance?
    • What will the working environment be like?
    • What type of objects are going onto the floor after it is recoated?
  • Ask yourself all of the above mentioned questions to get yourself thinking about what is the best flooring product for your project.
  • Prepping: You MUST guarantee that the floor is spotless, dry and free from contaminants before you start to apply the any epoxy floor coating. Ensure you've done a through job prepping the floor to ensure you have a seamless application experience. 
  • Not all floors/floor paints require a preliminary coating (epoxy primer), be that as it may, in certain examples a primer should be used prior to application of the epoxy to ensure a stronger bond. This is a case by case scenario. Depending on the project, budget, timeframe, and expectations the application process may differ form floor to floor. there are many ways to accomplish strong snd long lasting epoxy finishes, 
  • Application directions ought to be read through 2X before beginning a flooring application. The first is to make sure one knows what materials they need and if the application process differs from any previous experience of how epoxy is laid. The second time through make sure to note anything that you may have missed on the first go around (procedures, setup, prep, dry time, mixing ratios, etc.) 
  • Your chosen flooring product ought to be chosen with consideration and thought. While the expense ought to be considered, we don't suggest picking the least expensive or the most costly, our items have been created and made to meet the detail and prerequisite for a scope of floors and situations. You should choose your floor paint to meet your explicit needs and desires.  

Interesting Points to Highlight When Choosing a Flooring Product: 

  • Substrate – is the floor cement, wood or concrete?
  • Shading and completion - what is your desired end result?
  • Slip Resistance - Do you want your floor to be extra gritty to avoid any potential slips or falls?
  • Expected Traffic level - How often will the floor be used? Is there heavy foot or vehicle traffic on the floor? 

Aftercare of the floors is similarly as significant as planning and application. Any spillages ought to be cleaned up as fast as possibly. Oil spills should be cleaned up ASAP as these begin to damage floors only after 20 minutes of idle time! The utilization of brutal synthetic substances should be maintained and if possible stay away from highly acidic chemical cleaners as they may erode the floors top layers causing damage. 


Now that you have a good idea about how ensure your floor does not peel we want to note that there are many economical flooring solutions on the market today. While many are attractive in price they are not great long term flooring solutions. The saying goes "You get what you pay for" and this holds true in the flooring industry. If you are looking for a cheap solution that is what you will get. Our recommendation is to find a cost efficient high performing coating that meets your needs and expectations. All of our products have been priced with our customers in mind. If you are interested in a product and it may be out of your price range please contact us today as we may be able to give first time customers a discount.

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