How to Repair Your Garage Floor With Epoxy

June 18, 2019 3 Comments

How to Repair Your Garage Floor With Epoxy

Does your garage floor have defects or cracks?

That happens very frequently and for several reasons. Over time, or sometimes immediately after installation, your garage floor may start to crack and spall.

Cracks on a concrete surface often caused by too much water or moisture in the room, poor installation, or a distressed finish. Crumbled, cracked or dusty concrete can certainly repair, but one must use the right products and processes. Here's everything you need to know.

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Garage floors are usually made of concrete, which are meant to be durable and long lasting. However, due to weight, usage, weather, and other factors, a concrete garage floor may develop cracks. Cracks in a garage floor must be repaired as soon as possible to help stop them from spreading and causing more damage. Site preparation is essential before starting crack repairs in a concrete garage floor.

If the surface of the concrete floor in a garage is cracked and has cracks or holes, you can repair the damaged areas with cement mortar. It is sold ready-made and can be purchased through our website. Link here

Epoxy Mortar Patch for concrete



With the help of the radial drill, chisel, and hammer, we eliminate all the broken pieces from the areas where the concrete appears to be cracked or broken.

We will have to remove the remains of broken concrete with a hard brush and a spatula, and then we will sweep the surface to remove the dust.

We then apply a layer of primer and let dry about 10 hours; this is done to grip the concrete with the surface better.

With all these steps, the mortar (above) can be prepared.

We apply the mortar to the damaged area by pressing well with the trowel, a metal ruler, or the trowel. For large areas, we recommend making the mortar more liquid, for better self-leveling.

To make the surface harder and stronger, we recommend applying a little dry cement on it and plastering it with the trowel.

Watch for any low spots that may require extra fix material included.

When fixing profound splits, it's ideal for filling the break part path with silica sand. This will keep the fixing material from leaking down. It spares you from utilizing abundance material just as making low spots that should be refilled.

For repairing of the garage floor, you will need to utilize an epoxy sand slurry or fixing blend. Which type you use relies upon the degree of the fix. It requires somewhat more exertion that fixing a split, yet it isn't so difficult to do.

After the surface has arranged appropriately, you apply the blend over the hollowed zones utilizing a trowel. Some combinations are self-leveling and can be connected with a metal squeegee. Make sure to plume in smooth and let it fix as per the guidelines. You may require a new application to fill in any little divots or low spots you missed.

Nonetheless, if you are applying a shaded paint or hued epoxy sealer, at that point, you ought to resemble a pleasantly smooth solid piece free of flaws.

With Epoxy Floor Coatings, you need not stress over repairing the floor breaks as the thicker surface layer of epoxy will hide these breaks.

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Epoxy Central
Epoxy Central

August 29, 2019

Hi Rafael -

1. Cost savings. You can save alot of money by doing the labor yourself. Depending on the scope of your project and what type of finish you want will determine savings.
2. With a professional you need to be careful with the level of surface you are actually getting. Ensure you speak to a couple of past clients who have had good experiences with the company or person you are speaking with.

Rafael Delano
Rafael Delano

August 29, 2019

Excellent article. What’s the difference between the DIY epoxy flooring and having a professional do it? Is it worth the extra cost?


August 29, 2019


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