Assessing Dew Point in Epoxy Projects

February 25, 2020

Assessing Dew Point in Epoxy Projects

New epoxy paint and similar adhesives have revolutionized how we treat floor coating projects. New science has led to advances in creating products that will really bond to floors. Using these new techniques and materials, crews can create a great, even look that's durable and stands up to pressure and high traffic.


However, although these flooring solutions are potentially very attractive and long-lasting, they are vulnerable to some conditions when the project’s being done.


One of the biggest ones involves the interior dew point – a measure of the relative humidity and potential for condensation in an area.


The Impact of Dew Point


In environments that have more potential for humidity, you have to watch the dew point as you're preparing to apply some epoxy floor coating. The reason is that excessive condensation can warp and distort the final application to make an uneven mess.


To put this another way, part of the value of these floor coatings is the smooth, clean look that they present when installed in a building. But because concrete can absorb moisture, avoiding a particular dew point is important. Experts suggest not applying epoxy floor coatings when a dew point is within five degrees of a room’s temperature.


Secondary Issues


Sometimes the application will only be damaged in certain areas. For instance, let's say you have radically different temperatures and humidity in different parts of the interior space. You may have rolling doors, double doors or other apertures where conditions change. You'll see the damage and the difference when the project is done. That can be an unpleasant surprise when it’s too late – but the good news is that it can be avoided with good planning. 


Project Logistics


As with other kinds of chemically based projects, floor coating work ends up coming out best when the people in charge are paying careful attention to environmental metrics like the dew point. That’s why some would say there’s “both an art and a science” to pulling one of these projects off well. 

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