Do You Need A Non-Skid Additive For Your Epoxy Floor?

July 28, 2020

Do You Need A Non-Skid Additive For Your Epoxy Floor?

You may have heard this question before, but if you're planning a new project, it's important to approach this need on a case-by-case basis. Here are some of the things that we talk about with clients while we are trying to help them to figure out if they need a non-skid additive on their epoxy floor coating. That’s not the only consideration for these kinds of improvements, but it can be a major one.


Climate and Conditions


Is your concrete on an indoor or outdoor floor area, and if it's indoors, is it sometimes exposed to the outdoors, for example, with a large bay door or rollup? That’s a common type of project that we handle in commercial contexts. 

Exterior concrete, or concrete that can be exposed to the exterior, can be slippery in icy or wet conditions caused by precipitation. So where you live makes a difference. If you're doing a project in a snow-hardened climate up north and part of your concrete is outside, you’ll want to carefully consider whether your epoxy floor coating can use some of this non-skid substance added into the mix. In general, think about how this area is going to be used all through the year when the project is done.

Spills and Accidents

Even if you are pursuing an indoor project, your concrete may get slippery from normal routine spills. For instance, the average auto mechanic shop may have a certain amount of motor oil or other liquids on the floor at any given time. Having an excessively smooth concrete floor can lead to accidents. You can also think about how equipment will be used on a floor surface- will it be vulnerable to shifting or falling? 

Trouble Walking

High-traffic indoor concrete areas can also use a non-skid additive if there will be a lot of people moving through the building at any given time. Many women wear shoes like stiletto high heels, and even shoes with better traction can slip on a very smooth floor. Sure, you can put those “piso mojado” signs, but a non-skid additive is a good pre-emptive precaution.


Final Thoughts

 Epoxy Central will help you to figure out this and other practical details of your epoxy floor coating project. We have the two part epoxies that are best in class products and solutions for implementing your concrete project. Improve your building safely with these types of choices.

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