The Five R’s Formula of Resin Flooring

March 26, 2019

The Five R’s Formula of Resin Flooring

In the flooring and coating industry, just like many other industries, there are basic rules of thumb that guide the process of manufacturing and application of products. Sometimes, these rules are handy; at other times, you have to rack your brain before you get a grasp on them. I bet you still remember the ‘A for Apple, ‘B for Ball,’ ‘C for Cat’ formula that helped you out of your struggle with memorizing the English alphabet.

That is exactly what this post has come to replicate, giving you simple-to-remember step-by-step formula for resin flooring.  This formula we call the Five R’s that are crucial to the effective resin flooring in the industry.

Let’s quickly run through them, one after another.

Right Specification

Just as you can’t go to a boutique to buy a shoe for your 7-year old kid without knowing the size of the shoe he wears, when carrying out a flooring project, it is important to go with the right specifications. Specifications extends beyond just the materials, from the expertise of the handler, to the quality of material to be used, to the kind of flooring suitable to specific kind of floor, all of these are important.  When working on a floor, it is important to specify performance requirements and expectations from the start of the project to finish. Nothing must be left undone. Although each flooring project is unique in its own right, it is also important to make comparison to other existing specifications similar to the project at hand and see if there could be cut and paste sort of.

Right Flooring Model

Right Flooring Model - Metallic Coating

Having determined which specifications the flooring project will need, there is also the need for which best flooring model is suitable for the project. Benchmarking the best flooring system is to ensure that a quality outcome is achieved. The project of flooring hangs on adequate preparation, spotless installation, quality performance, amazing durability and stability of project. The manufacturers must still be involved to make account for all of the process. Involving them at this stage will require that they make selection of the products to be supplied, carry out installation process, ensure maintenance program and warranty statement. All technical input cited in the specification must be attended to.

Right Preparation

As it is often said, poor preparation prevents proper performance. At the stage of quoting for the materials for the flooring, many handlers make mistake because the specifications are just jumbled or assumed. Every assumption made at that stage will come back to haunt the project. Site inspection has to be carried out to know the kinds of materials to be used and the conditions of the site; field work has to be ensured; the materials to be used have to match in quality and quantity the size of the floor to work on.

Right Contractor Training


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This requires two things: the why and the how. By the ‘why’, we mean that the project handler should be able to carry out the reason for adopting the kind of flooring model they are using. By ‘how’, we mean that the contractor should have the requisite expertise in the area of adaptability such that in the event something unexpected comes up in the course of the project, he can be able to adapt the current system to suit and fix those issues. Getting familiar with the products to be used and having the right technical know-how of the project is important.

Right Process Management

After all contracting has been done and dusted, it is now time to ensure that the project is executed. Process management is that stage from completion, to approvals and then the point of handing over the project. Never abandon this stage because it will require timeline and correct adherence to specification, installation, etc. Ensure you take proper record of each stage to know if anything goes wrong and where. Client signatures as well as appropriate photos should be taken to reduce unnecessary feud between the parties involved.



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