The Top 10 Flooring and Epoxy Coating Conferences

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The Top 10 Flooring and Epoxy Coating Conferences

A gathering of experts and professionals can be an immensely useful environment to learn new developments and improve one’s position in the floor coatings industry.

In this post, we’re going to take a quick run through the best conferences for flooring and epoxy coating professionals. Some are yet to hold in 2019, for these, the dates are stated in case you need to plan the trip.

  1. Montreal HomeExpo
  2. European Coatings Show
  3. Floor Tech
  4. Coatings Tech Conference
  5. Powdered Coating Technical Conference
  6. Eastern Coatings Show (ECS)
  7. AMI Polymers Conference
  8. PVC Formulation Conference
  9. Clean Expo
  10. ATEM Fair

1. Montreal HomeExpo

Montreal HomeExpo

Montreal HomeExpo is one of the greatest events of its kind, it pulls a large number of attendees from construction, renovation and decoration industry. This event showcases a number of flooring and coating products including installation of wood, granule, glass railings, tilt and turn windows and doors, sliding doors, aluminum and glass railings, aluminum railings. Other technologies that are exhibited at this conference also include electronics and electrical, such as smartphone, tab and personal computers.

2. European Coatings Show

European Coatings Show

Nuremberg Exhibition Centre, Germany remains agog between 19th and 20th March 2019 as the 3-day European Coatings Show is staged. Among others, the conference showcases a wide variety of coating products. Traditionally, this conference targets the act of showcasing a number of coating products and this year’s is not an exception. Some of the products to take the center stage at this show include coating raw materials, printing ink raw materials, solvents, pigments, binders, admixture and additives, fillers, Adhesive Raw Materials, polymer dispersions. Others include intermediates for construction chemicals, to mention a few.

3. Floor Tech

Floor Tech is one of the incredibly sought-after conferences around the world that feature a number of attendees, professional and amateurs alike. The event showcases hard acrylic, elastic flooring, waterborne polyurethane, plastic sports floor, Epoxy self-leveling, silicone PU materials, PVC (coil, sheet) and elastic floor material. Other materials to be displayed at the event include mortar self-flow floor, cement-based self-leveling floor, non-metallic aggregate wear-resistant floor, corundum aggregate wear-resistant floor, and lots more.

4. Coatings Tech Conference

Coatings Tech Conference

The CoatTech Conference will be held in Cleveland, Ohio between April 8 and April in 2019. It is an annual conference that offers incredible opportunities for coatings professionals to get engaged in the industry and take full advantage of experts’ ideas. And input. The conference will feature short courses and forums to be facilitated by high-powered industry experts and managers.

5. Powder Coating Technical Conference

Powdered Coating Technical Conference

Powder Coating Technical Conference and Tabletop Exhibition is one of the most exciting annual technical events across the globe. The 2019 edition will be held April 1 and at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld. The conference will feature exhibition of a number of products, covering all the basics of powder coating operations. The event will feature the exhibition from different companies in the industry, including powder coating manufacturers, powder coating application equipment companies, system houses, etc.

6. Eastern Coatings Show (ECS)

Slated to be held from May 13 to 15, at Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the Eastern Coating s Show is an annual event to discuss important issues concerning the coating industry. The 2017 edition of the conference had more than 1,200 participants from across various centers and cities in the US and beyond. Stats showed that over 60 percent of attendees were paint manufacturers, formulators and raw material manufacturers.

7. AMI Polymers Conference

AMI Polymers Conference

The Conference will hold its second edition in Building Insulation. The event will take place between 9 and 10 April in Düsseldorf. This technical conference will feature discussions around thermal and acoustic insulation. The focus of the conference is to look at the important role the insulation industry plays in reducing environmental emissions and maximizing energy from new and old buildings.

8. PVC Formulation Conference

PVC Formulation Conference

No doubt, the PVC industry is one that has made a lot of advancement in the way and manner the environment is impacted by PVC trades and technologies. The conference to be held from 1 to 3 April, at Cologne, Germany will showcases a wide range of products from PVC additives. These include ticisers, stabilizers, lubricants, impact modifiers, functional fillers, pigments, blowing agents, etc.

9. Clean Expo

Clean Expo


Clean Expo is one of the biggest conferences in cleaning industry in Asia. The 2019 edition holding in Japan will feature a number of updates and technologies in this industry. One of the focus points of the conference is the exhibition of the beauty and safety of cleaning facilities as well as the maintenance process of these products and services.

10. ATEM Fair



Adhesive and Coating System Fair, as it is otherwise called is about the only conference in South Korea that focuses on adhesive and coating systems. This year’s edition will take place in Songdo Convensia, Incheon, South Korea. The conference aims at showcasing the technological advancement in the coating and adhesive industry in the whole of Korea. ATEM is a platform to engage in serious business and exchange technical know-how on coating for professionals.



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