Acid Etch



Acid-Safe etching kit is an environmentally safe alternative to using muriatic acid etch which can cause skin irritation and adverse reactions in certain people. This amazing new product has all the cleaning power of powerful acids but with 90% less fumes and odors. If EC Acid Etch comes in contact with your skin it will not cause burns. This product works great for preparing concrete floors before installing epoxy coatings without the mess of diamond grinding or shot blasting. It can also be used as safe alternative cleaner for tile.

This Kit includes 2 lbs of high performance TSP powder, 1 gallon of eco-friendly concentrated etching solution (dilute 2-5 parts water to 1 gal of EC Acid Etch). We also include a brush and gloves (for extra protection!). Coverage will vary but approximate usage levels range from 300-600 sq/ft per Kit.

Note: If concrete floors have had previous floor coatings installed please contact us for best recommendation of prepping method as acid etching might not suffice.

Product Information

  • 2 lbs of high performance TSP powder
  • 1 Gallon of Eco-friendly concentrate
  • 90% fewer fumes than muriatic acid
Environmentally Safe
  • Does not burn the skin when contact is made
High Performing
  • Just use a little bit. It will go a long way
Low Odor
  • Gives off less odor than muriatic acids
Works against the toughest of surfaces
  • Effective in reducing high pH areas

Application Uses

  • Garages
  • Storage areas
  • Work Stations
  • Warehouse
  • Playrooms
  • Tile
  • Virtually any concrete surface


 2 Gal
300-600 sq.ft

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