Commando Coat 400X - Super Thick Slurry Coating Kit

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The Commando Coat 400X - Super Thick Slurry Coating Kit is an aggregate-enhanced, 4-component urethane slurry epoxy. Simply enter your desired square footage amount and the price will automatically be calculated.

This coating can withstand extremely high/low temperatures and is thermal shock proof providing a great coating for hot wash down areas. This is our thickest and most durable coating system! It features self-leveling capabilities and is formulated for older/corroded floors where there are high levels of pitting and smoothing out the floor is a main focus.

This thick aggregate-enhanced coating is used by commercial food packagers and some of the country’s largest breweries, wineries, and distilleries. It is highly resistant to damage due to it’s 8,400 psi compressive strength (about twice the strength of concrete!). This product is one of the best long term flooring solutions on the market.

Kit Components:

  • Urethane slurry cement epoxy kit (Part A, Part B, aggregate filler, and pigment pack)
  • Acid/chemical resistant military grade 2-part protective topcoat.
  • Broadcast media (Silica)


  1. Mix up the contents of slurry kit (A, B, aggregate filler, and pigment pack)
  2. Apply with gauge rake
  3. While wet, broadcast silica sized “00” or “40” mesh until the floor begins to reject it. Application rate is appx. 10 lbs/kit, or ¼ lb/sq.ft. *We will send you the silica broadcast. For delivery please note these only come in 50lb bags.
  4. Topcoat with the acid and chemical resistant military grade 2-part protective topcoat.


  • Commando Coat 400X is highly resistant to moisture and can be applied to a damp floor. Extremely resistant to thermal shock from steam and hot water cleaning. Acid/chemical resistant protective topcoat included.
  • Commando Coat 400X requires the floor to be shot blasted for proper adhesion. Cannot be applied over existing coatings or tile. 
  • Please note that you will need to add the pigment pack while you are mixing to tint the color of the epoxy. We supply you with the desired colored pigment pack. 
  • Minimum sq.ft required to purchase is 800 square feet.

Only available in 3 colors. Tile Red, Medium Gray, and Tan

Key Features

High Performance
  • Super Moisture and Chemical Resistant
  • Complies with all current EPA standards
  • Thermal Shock Proof and 8,400 psi compressive strength
  • Dries up to 125 mils thick (1/8 inch)
  • Heat/Cold Resistant. Can be used in hot wash down areas
Wear Resistant
  • Extremely Scratch Resistant with the Pro Residential Standard Topcoat
Hot Tire Pickup
  • Extremely reliable against hot tire pickup
Easy to Clean
  • Just use soap and water to clean time and time again
  • Requires no special skills to apply

Application Uses

  • Chemical Factories
  • Processing plants
  • Breweries, Wineries, Distilleries
  • Food packaging plants
  • Beverage Packing facilities
  • Virtually any Floor!

Sizes and Coverage

 Priced by the sq.ft

*Please note depending on how thick or thin you apply the coating coverage will vary. If your floor is more porous it will require more epoxy. If you are applying on new, smooth concrete then you will use less epoxy.


Commando Coat 400X Color Chart

Kit Contents

  • Industrial roller pads
  • Industrial roller frames
  • Special ‘gauge rake’
  • Air release spiked roller to eliminate possible entrained air bubbles.
  • Mixing stick
  • Mixing bucket liner
  • Mixing bucket
  • Instructions
  • Pigment Pack
  • Silica broadcast media
  • Spike Shoes (for walking on wet floor during application)

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